### Announcing the next BU Vote: 23 to 26 May 2024

Voting on Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposals takes place on the Bitcoin Unlimited Forum. This post is intended to educate the community about proposals. Please find copy of the original post below.

We advise Bitcoin Unlimited members that the next vote on BUIPs will be open for 4 calendar days in the window 23 to 26 May 2024*

Proposers of any draft BUIPs are welcome to advise that their BUIP is ready for a membership vote. The deadline for BUIPs is midday UTC, 9 May 2024

Operational BUIP

Membership BUIP

Note: we will use the vote recording and counting system on the VotePeer application.

A “### VOTE ###” thread will be created on 23 May 2024, however, this will redirect members to the voting page on VotePeer. Ideally, the vote thread will only be for Q&A and comments about the voting process.

BUIP207: Tier-1 Exchange Listing for Nexa

BUIP207 Tier-1 Exchange Listing for Nexa
5 May 2024

This BUIP is requesting Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) membership approval for operational funds to list Nexa on a Tier-1 cryptocurrency exchange. For clarity in terminology here, Tier-1 will be one of the world’s top 10 crypto exchanges when measured by a combination of the number of registered users, visits count and trading volume. A Tier-1 exchange should have in the region of 20 million or more registered users.

The world cryptocurrency market has changed a lot since alt-coins were launched en-masse from 2013 onward. At that time a quality coin could rise through the rankings via organic usage and adoption. This is no longer the case. Currently, there are 14,015 coins listed on coingecko.com , vying for attention. A new coin could be released today with the best utility and functionality, but it will languish low in the rankings from lack of attention. Conversely, if Bitcoin was launched today, no one would look at it and it would also languish in the rankings.

Any marketing strategy can be effective in raising awareness of a coin, however, the most effective marekting of all is to target the audience which are users and investors registered on various crypto exchanges: i.e. exchange users.

Nexa’s second anniversary of launch occurs in June. By this time the nexa.org website revamp should be completed. Also, many functional enhancements are already implemented in the full node, so, Nexa will be more than ready to handle the attention from a Tier-1 listing.

Such an exchange listing will cement the momentum from the parallel marketing strategy in place and prepare the ground for publicity from the Australian Crypto Convention in November 2024. Ideally, these initiatives will attract some organic usage of tokens and NFTs, and also help drive Nexa on a rankings trajectory mirroring other successful coins, such as Kaspa.

Promotional activities, on a Tier-1 exchange, are not the normal strategy for most new listings. Paying for exchange promotion, such as website banner adverts to users, pinned messages, push notifications, social media announcements, airdrops and trading competitions is “next-level”. Nexa deserves a “next-level” chance to grab awareness and progress in the marketplace, long-term.


Maximum spend US$250k for Tier-1 listing fees and associated expenses plus
Maximum spend US$250k for Tier-1 concurrent Nexa promotional activities

BUIP208: New Members for Election - Endo

BUIP208: New Members for Election - Endo
Voting dates: 23-26 May 2024


This BUIP lists the new application for Bitcoin Unlimited membership received since the previous membership BUIP vote. New members are not able to vote on the current BUIPs, but will be able to in subsequent votes, provided that their entry in this BUIP is passed.

  1. Endo
    Membership Applications for Bitcoin Unlimited - by @ultrasoundape

We ask prospective members to provide a public key which they will use for voting. Bitcoin Unlimited is a participatory organization where people devote a small amount of time, every couple of months to guide the direction of the software and org itself.

We use VotePeer for our voting system.

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