Community Funding for NEXA

Nexa, being a decentralized project, boasts a highly active and engaged community which drives the network forward. This community plays a significant role in funding and building the necessary products and services within the Nexa economy.

Bitcoin Unlimited is a well-funded organization that has committed to utilizing its financial and developer resources on Nexa for many years into the future. It is dedicated to supporting Nexa at all levels and guiding the network as needed.

Despite this, we have an address for donations to support Nexa’s long-term well-being and development.

The main Nexa donation address is: nexa:nqtsq5g5utr3g40hpkul9gf07j707epzqaeana3tl3p68dmw

Funds collected at this address will be utilized by the team for project needs.

For stablecoins such as USDT or USDC, we provide a general ERC20 address: 0x3f99Cdf0808552a8100a88E38DE77e587c558Ff6

Funds collected at this address will also support the team’s project needs.

All other crowdfunding campaigns will be announced separately for specific needs such as:

  • New exchange listings
  • Specific community requests and initiatives
  • KOLs and marketing campaigns
  • Partnerships and advertisements

Please visit the Proposals category on our forum to submit proposals and community initiatives. Approved proposals will be featured in the Crowdfunding category to raise funds for each separate need.

Nexa has been listed on the MEXC and BINGX exchanges through crowdfunding efforts, and we are eagerly anticipating the next crowdfunding campaign for additional exchange listings.

New crowdfunding address for the upcoming exchange listing (the exchange is still to be decided): nexa:nqtsq5g5xsj24u8vwsf73aa256f3nfcnp7hah8n6kgtyjnyc


Thank you for your continued support! :nexa:


I think the average investor would be all too willing to donate 2.5M Nexa, which is about $20 right now. I just did that, and it took me just a few minutes. Put it out there, a specific amount. Some will, of course, donate more.


Done my due diligance with the donation. LFG Nexa! :space_invader: :nexa:

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