NEXA Listing Carnival on

Event Period: 05-23-2024 10:00 to 05-30-2024 10:00 (UTC)

1. Trade to Earn: Share 3,500,000,000 NEXA!

During the event period, participants need to achieve a minimum NEXA Spot trading volume of 100 USDT to be eligible to share 3,500,000,000 NEXA. The amount of NEXA rewards each eligible user can receive is proportional to their NEXA/USDT Spot trading volume during the event.


  1. Capped at 25,000,000 NEXA for each participant.

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Event Rules

  1. Register is required to participate in the event (Users who trade via API are not eligible for this event).
  2. All rewards will be issued within 7 days after the event.
  3. Any improper behavior such as wash trading, trading manipulation or using multiple accounts to participate will result in disqualification for this event.
  4. BingX reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event. Users involved in unfair activities to get rewards will be disqualified.
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