Nexa Monthly Newsletter — April 2024

Nexa Monthly Newsletter — April 2024

Welcome to the Nexa Future with David Haslop

This April, Nexa warmly welcomes David Haslop as our new Chief Marketing Officer. With a robust background as the founder of the Australian Crypto Convention and Crypto HQ, and a board member of Blockchain Australia, David is poised to steer Nexa through its next phases of growth and innovation. His deep involvement in the crypto community and seasoned experience in market strategies will enhance our mission to innovate the crypto landscape using our advanced UTXO Layer 1 blockchain technology.

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Expanding Horizons: Nexa Tokens on Explorer

The newly updated Token Explorer showcases over 300 digital assets, providing a dynamic and comprehensive view of the diverse projects thriving on our platform. This tool is an essential resource for developers and investors keen on exploring the potential within the Nexa ecosystem, emphasizing our dedication to supporting innovative blockchain applications.

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Crowdfunding Successful: A Testament to Community Strength

Our successful crowdfunding campaign marks a significant milestone, demonstrating the robust support from our community. This achievement will help broaden Nexa visibility and presence in the cryptocurrency world as we prepare to list on reputable mid-tier exchanges, fostering greater access and engagement.

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Nexa Full Node on Product Hunt

We’re excited to announce that the Nexa Full Node wallet is now available on Product Hunt. This platform enhances users’ control over their digital assets, providing robust security features and full autonomy in managing their wallets. We encourage our community to engage with our launch on Product Hunt, support our visibility, and help us climb the ranks within this influential tech community.

Upvote on Product Hunt:

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New Nexa Exchange Listing on Coinstash

April also saw Nexa being listed on Coinstash, allowing more users to trade and invest in one of the most scalable decentralized blockchains. This listing is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and utility for Nexa across various platforms.

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Important: listing on Coinstash exchange is NOT associated with our crowdfunding campaign.

Anticipation Builds Towards the First Nexa Halving

As we approach the significant milestone of our first halving, the Nexa community is buzzing with excitement. This event will reduce the mining reward, potentially increasing Nexa scarcity and value. We’ve launched a dedicated halving website to keep everyone informed about this important event and its implications for Nexa future.

Block Reward Halving Countdown:

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Thank You for Sticking With Us

April has been a transformative month for Nexa, filled with significant advancements and community-driven successes. As we move forward, guided by strategic leadership and continuous innovation, we remain dedicated to redefining the boundaries of the crypto and financial landscapes. Join us as we continue to shape a decentralized future, driven by transparency, security, and community collaboration.

Thank you, much love and stay tuned for more updates!

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