Nexa Monthly Newsletter — May 2024

Nexa Monthly Newsletter — May 2024

We finished the month with our new content series: #KnowNexa. Learn all there is to know about Nexa, our mission and how to get involved with our growing community! :point_down:

NEXA Trading Competition on Coinstash

The NEXA trading competition on Coinstash was a great success! Participants traded A$250 in NEXA tokens for a chance to win up to $5,000 USDT. The competition ran from May 2, 2024, 12:30 AEST to May 15, 2024, 23:59 AEST. Three lucky winners shared the $5,000 USDT reward pool.

Learn more about the event: Coinstash

Nexa and f2pool Integration

Nexa was integrated with f2pool, offering our community a premier mining experience. Users utilized their GPU devices for efficient mining with daily payouts and low fees. This integration helped secure our network and provided a great opportunity for miners.

Get started with f2pool: f2pool

Wally Wallet for iOS Now Available

The Nexa Wally Wallet was made available for iOS users! This app allows secure storage, sending, and receiving of Nexa coins, tokens, and NFTs. It can be downloaded from the App Store for easy crypto management.

Download Wally Wallet: App Store

BingX Trade to Earn: Share 3,500,000,000 NEXA

Our trading event took place from May 23, 2024, 10:00 (UTC) to May 30, 2024, 10:00 (UTC). Participants traded at least 100 USDT in NEXA to share 3,500,000,000 NEXA. Rewards were distributed proportionally to trading volume.

Learn more about the event: BingX

Don’t Miss Our AMA on X with the NEXA team

We held a successful NEXA AMA, where the latest updates were shared and questions were answered. The live event on X connected our team with the community and provided insights into new developments.

Recording: X

BUIP207: Tier 1 Exchange Listing for NEXA

BUIP207, the proposal for Tier 1 exchange listing for NEXA, passed with a vote of 10:0. This proposal aims to enhance the accessibility and liquidity of NEXA by listing it on a major exchange.

Read more about BUIP207: BUIP207

BUIP208: New Members for Election - Endo

BUIP208, the proposal for electing new members, was rejected with a vote of 4:5 and did not received the necessary majority 51% of votes.

Read more about BUIP208: BUIP208

Thank You for an Exciting May

May was filled with exciting developments for Nexa. From trading competitions and new integrations to app releases and community events, we have continually grown and innovated. Additionally, with the approval of BUIP207, stay tuned for more news about our Tier 1 exchange listing within the next 30 days. Thank you for your continued support.

May the Force be with us! :nexa: