Scaling the NEXA ecosystem

So I wonder, since Paul left, who is the leading developer on the NexScript capabilities?
Although the stories around MAST contracts sound promising, I miss good documentation explaining it’s power.

I am not a blockchain developer, so I do have some trouble understanding howto build on Nexa using NexScript.

Also, these is the EVM narrative, from which I know AvasDAO is building a layer 2 solution. (Interested if he could chip in on this thread to give his vision on why this is good, versus building using NexScript)

Thanks for any insights!

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I have read the documentation. If you have some previous code exposure, it is nicely documented I would say. I am not well equipped on the MAST capabilities though.

It feels as though the members that have left were doing most of the heavy lifting in the documentation/communication area. So it is fair to say it is lackluster these days. Hope it will be improved with the new hires though!

Would be cool to see if any of the devs inside could chime in.

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FWIW, I think NexScript is a port of CashScript from Bitcoin Cash to Nexa. So CashScript’s documentation, if available, could be helpful.