We’re Officially Halfway to the First NEXA Halving!

We’re Officially Halfway to the First NEXA Halving!

Why This Milestone Matters

A halving event is pivotal because it reduces the reward for mining new blocks by half. Initially, NEXA miners received a predetermined amount of NEXA for each block they successfully mined. This incentive structure supports network security and participation.

Exciting News: Launch of Our New Halving Website

Check out our brand-new halving website for block reward halving countdown:



What’s Next?

In approximately two years, or after another 525,000 blocks, mining rewards will halve for the first time — dropping from the current 10 million NEXA per block to 5 million. This pattern will continue at regular intervals until a final cap on the total NEXA supply is reached, projected to be in about 140 years. Much like Bitcoin, NEXA serves as both a store of value and the native currency of the NEXA blockchain, adhering to similar tokenomics with halvings every 1,050,000 blocks.

Why Was This Done?

NEXA was engineered as a predictable supply currency. The core idea is that as NEXA becomes scarcer over time — thanks to decreasing issuance — its value could increase if demand rises. This makes NEXA a potential hedge against inflation, contrasting sharply with fiat currencies like the US dollar, which tend to lose purchasing power over time due to increasing monetary supply — a phenomenon known as monetary debasement.

Predictable Monetary Supply

Knowing the schedule of NEXA’s issuance helps everyone from miners to investors understand the current and future inflation rates of NEXA, gauge the total circulating supply, and anticipate how many coins are left to be mined.

The Future is Bright!

Stay engaged, stay invested, and keep mining — there’s much to look forward to in the world of NEXA.

Official website: nexa.org

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