X giveaway! 5 million Nexa!]

Everyone that likes and retweets my X post about the giveaway, and comments here with a reason they’re bullish on Nexa will be eligible. I’m going to write a python script that will use 3 “die” 1-20 and I’ll sum the 3 “die” together. 3-60 are the possibilities, guess what you think the number will be. First comment with the right guess will win! 24 hours to enter, then I’ll use the python script and announce who won! If multiple people have the same number, the person that commented first will win. 5 MEX (5 million Nexa)




hey there ! I’ll go with 29
now why am i so bullish ? obviously i couldn’t pick just one reason so:
PoW scaling, global performance, wise contracts, instant transactions, low fees, native wallets, native tokens & NFTs, low Mcap and last but not least : the TEAM

what about you guys !?


This project wants to realize Satoshi’s vision of a decentralized, global, p2p cash system and because of the experienced team it can happen in the future. The people will say what would have happened if they had won this huge giveaway. My number: 15


Hi ! My number, 20.

I’m so bullish on Nexa because of the team !

Andrew Stone is a genius !

If the Nexa team can get it done (100 000 TPS) they will revolutionize the crypto world.

Nexa is basically BTC+ETH.

I’m so in love with this project, send it to the moon !

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Im bullish because Nexa Are Going to be better than other altcoins


Pick a number too 3-60

I pick the number 43

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The winning number was 25. You’re the closest, so you’re the first giveaway winner!

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great ! thank you so much :pray: