Nexa Monthly Newsletter — February 2024

Greetings Nexa community,

Welcome to the February edition of the Nexa Newsletter, where we bring you the latest updates, partnerships, and achievements from the world of Nexa and beyond. Let’s dive into the exciting developments that took place last month!

Interstellar Odyssey with RocketX and Nexa!

RocketX and Nexa ($NEXA) have joined forces to enhance interoperability across 100+ blockchains. This partnership offers a direct gateway for NEXA Mainnet followers, fostering growth in user base, transaction frequency, and volumes. Explore the Nexa network - a fully programmable Proof-of-Work UTXO Layer 1 blockchain, designed for instant transactions, native tokens, and smart contracts. Journey through the realm of interoperability with RocketX!

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Latest Testing Results: Remarkable Scalability

Nexa achieved a remarkable 17,000 transactions per second (tps) in recent testing, demonstrating exceptional scalability from Italy to Canada - showcased on a laptop. This achievement underscores Nexa’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain scalability and efficiency.

Establishment of Nexa Forum

Responding to community requests, Nexa proudly announces the establishment of its home base for news, tutorials, and articles at Dive into insightful articles and discussions, starting with “Nexa: How It Solves the Scalability Trilemma.”

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The Power of Tokens on Nexa

Explore one of Nexa’s unique features - native Tokenization. Discover the benefits, including cost-efficient transactions, token authority, enhanced security, and more. Create tokens effortlessly at and delve deeper into the topic with the full article.

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Nexa Integration Confirmed Within Tangem Roadmap

Exciting news for the Nexa community! Nexa integration is confirmed within Tangem’s Q1 2024 Roadmap. Stay tuned for the planned event in March on the Tangem wallet, as we continue to expand our presence in the crypto space.

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Nexa: Instant Transactions and Transaction Finality

Explore the concept of instant transactions and transaction finality with Nexa. Can the merchant allow the customer to leave the store with the coffee before the transaction is confirmed? Enjoy an in-depth discussion in the full article.

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Nexa Successfully Integrated on BingX Exchange

Celebrate with us as Nexa (NEXA) is successfully integrated on the BingX exchange. This significant milestone marks another step forward in our journey. Nexa on BingX Spot is now available for trading, with NEXA/USDT as the trading pair.

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$NEXA Listing Carnival with BingX

Participate in the $NEXA Listing Carnival and share a prize pool of up to 1,200,000,000 NEXA! Five winners stand a chance to win 3,000,000 NEXA each. Simply retweet the tweet and tag five friends to enter.


Bitcoin Unlimited Approves Critical BUIPs for Nexa Progress

Bitcoin Unlimited has approved three critical BUIPs for Nexa progress. These proposals showcase the team’s commitment to shaping the future of Nexa. Dive into the full article to learn more about these milestones.

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Tokens on Nexa Explorer: Testing Phase

Join us on Telegram at as Nexa Community tokens on explorer testing started and are going smoothly. Be part of the discussion and witness the evolution firsthand.

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We’re thrilled to share these updates with you and grateful for your continued support. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming months!

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