Nexa Wally Wallet Launches for iOS: Happy iPhone Users!

Nexa Wally Wallet Launches for iOS: Happy iPhone Users!

Release of the iOS Nexa Wally Wallet is here, opening up a new frontier for iPhone users. Initially available only for Android, this release marks a significant expansion, bringing enhanced functionality to iOS users. The Wally Wallet app allows users to store, send, and receive Nexa coins, tokens, and NFTs securely.

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Designed as an all-in-one application, the app features a ‘dense’ interface, aiming to accomplish more with fewer interactions. It supports seamless integration with other apps in the Nexa blockchain ecosystem, including uncensorable marketplaces. Among its standout features are instant balance viewing, effortless transfers via QR code scanning, and multiple account management.

Wally Wallet simplifies access for iOS users, aligning with the everyday convenience of mobile use. Downloadable from the App Store, it’s geared towards making crypto management as straightforward as using traditional banking applications.

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